Welcome to the DMS Reading Runway!

In an attempt to assist the large number of struggling readers in our school our parents agreed to take a more active role in their children's reading education. To assist them in this, our school's ILF project provided the resources, support, and technical expertise necessary for parents and students to come together to read. The parents and students agreed to monitor their activities on a daily basis and teachers evaluated their success on a monthly basis using AimsWeb. Also, throughout this project, students produced podcast versions of their favorite books which can be found here.

The complete details of the project can be found on the portal.

Below are resources that can be used when replicating this project:
Parent-Student Contract - copy
Letter to Parents - copy
Outlines of reading and writing activities that can be done at home.
AIMSweb websites and procedures
the reading tracking sheets to gauge our student reading levels
A list of all of the books that we purchased for our project
our month by month results and the average results from the provincial assessments in reading and science.

Student Podcasts